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Three Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor, Before Placing an Offer!

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The biggest mistake a first-time home buyer commits is choosing the very first house he fell in love with. It’s easy to happen as there are many wonderful listings in Las Vegas. The great thing about living in Las Vegas is that there is a neighborhood for everyone. If you desire comfort, luxury but also a suburban feel try macdonald highlands real estate – if you are ready to live in the heart of the strip, then maybe a penthouse is right for you.

Once you start exploring all of the neighborhoods and opportunities for your future home, you don’t even realize how easy it is to get the emotion get in the way of the buyer since a lot of houses on sale are all staged very well. However, it is always advisable to visit few listings first and ask the realtor important questions pertaining to the property before sealing the deal.

If you want to know what type of questions to ask the agent, consider the following:

1) Offering price. Ask the realtor what are the bases for choosing the right price that you can offer to the seller. Prior to asking this question, check first what the comparable sales of the houses nearby.

Then ask how much the seller’s asking price is. If the difference between the comparable sales price and the seller’s asking price is very far, ask your realtor if the price can be set half-ways between the two price benchmarks.

2) Condition of the property. Your realtor should know the condition of the home. Ask him what amenities and fixtures need repairing and how much all repairs will cost. If the price for expected repairs and maintenance is not yet deducted from the asking price, asking questions such as the how old is the roof, or is there any leakage that needs to be sealed right away. Asking questions about the condition of the entire house including its furniture and appliances will give you an idea what is the ideal price for the property.

3) The location has a direct impact on the price of the house. Don’t consider buying a house in a bad location because reselling it will be extremely difficult. Ask the realtor how close is the property to the hospital, school, market, and other important establishments.

For example, if you have seen train tracks nearby, ask if the noise is bearable and what time the train passes the neighborhood so you can come back at that time and see for yourself if it will bother you or not.


Whatever you desire, keep in mind that the Real Estate market swings like a pendulum most of the time. It can sometimes lean on the buyer, the seller, or sometimes it can also be neutral. Before you place your offer, make sure to ask your realtor professional insights about the best price that you can pay depending on several key factors.



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